December 29, 2011


New Years Eve Party

I was going to plan a little New Years Eve party but than my stepson got in a car accident just before Christmas so plans changed.  That's why I've been absent from blogging. He's doing better but it will be a long recovery.  So this year our New Years Eve is low key. My man wants a Twlight Zone marathon with Margarita's. hmm, party wheels are churning.... 

Remember those Christmas PJ's I bought, the ones with the penguin. Those PJ's were my party inspiration. Everyone goes with a sparkly party theme for New Years. So I was going to go a little different and go penguin!

I would have sent out an invitation like this cute little one I saw on Pinterest but can't find a source for. Of course it would say Happy New Year instead of Merry Christmas.
My door would be decked out with this wreath from Double Fun Parties. Except I'd hang a penguin in the middle instead of a clock.

I'd decorate the table with blue and silver and have a snow flake blanket on the table for snow. Of course I'd serve adorable penguin food :)
An igloo is a must of course. Like this super cute one from Betty Crocker!

Are these just not the cutest penguin cupcakes you've ever seen :)  From Fowl Single File.

I hope your New Years party is a success. As for me, there's always 2013!


  1. Oh how cute! And hope he recovers soon.

  2. Thank you Bex! I wish I could have done a New Years party, it would have been super cute. But my stepson is more important, of course :) He's doing much better. Although sneezing with his injuries is NOT fun. Poor guy.


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