November 16, 2011


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

I LOVE Christmas lights, {squeal}. Every time I drive by a house with them on I'm like a little girl, all giddy, smiles and my heart filled with joy.  Growing up, my dad always put lights on the house. Still does :) So why is it that my house never has lights. 2 reasons, 1. My man doesn't want to do it and doesn't want to watch the electric bill go up, and 2. We have no outlets on the front of our house. I'd have to rig something through the garage with a lot of extension cords or something. One of these years I'll figure something out. Because I LOVE Christmas lights. And because my neighbors do nothing. None of them do Christmas lights, what are those. 

My Woo Hoo!! Wednesday is a hats off to the people who live in these houses.  I would love to have a house all lit up like the Griswold's.

Now this is what I'm talking about. SQUEAL!!!!!!  Oh my gosh, I would LOVE for my house to look like this. Complete with my fav, The Grinch. Found on Tumblr

Is there such a thing as too many Christmas lights? Digsdigs.com

Love love love. Found on Womans Day. Living next to this neighbor would be awesome!!

I adore all the snowmen in this yard.  I have a thing for snowmen. Found on Flickr

Do you put up Christmas lights?

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