November 19, 2011


Dinner at the table

Fizzy Party isn't just about parties. It's about getting people together more. Not going out to eat or zapping something in the microwave and eating in front of the couch. But about cooking and inviting people over to eat at your table. A mini party itself. 

This post is inspired by my step-daughter who recently had her boyfriends parent's over for dinner.  They just moved into a new apartment and instead of going out to dinner she cooked.  My step-daughter is a great cook and she's only 24.  At 24 was I even cooking? Nooo....I think my ex-husband was the one doing the cooking. 

Now I wasn't at the meal so I don't know exactly what her table looked like or what recipes she used but ya get the idea.

She told me the table was set with fall place mats and a pumpkin candle centerpiece.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Better Homes and Gardens

Dinner sounded De-lish. Here's what was on the menu:

Pumpkin Pasta This was a hit. She had no left-overs.

Chicken wrapped  in Applewood smoked bacon

Steamed broccoli

Cheesy Bread. Yummy. I love bread.

And for dessert, Pumpkin chip cookies. Her dad and I did get to sample these. YUM!

Hope my step-daughters evening with her possible future in-law's has inspired you to host a dinner at your place.

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