October 21, 2011


Halloweeny Food

Now that the Jack-o-Lantern designs haven been picked, cross that off my list, it's time to tackle the next on my To-Do list, FOOD.  So many possibilities out there.  Here's just some of the great ideas I'm mulling over. I'd love to hear you thoughts, which ones would you like to devour at a Halloween party?

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Salty goodness with a little sweet

I made something similar for my 2009 party and had no left-overs
Halloween Decorations Ideas

These little guys always make me smile. From Our Best Bites.

Gotta love these mini pumpkin bites from Bakerella

Pumpkin Roll cake from Food Network
There's some food on my list that I'm making that  I didn't show you. Have to keep some surprises :)

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