September 7, 2011


Woo Hoo!!! Wednesday

                   Late post today. It's been hectic around here.  Only one Woo Hoo today.
$30 at JoAnn's. I really like it but with all the other Halloween goodies I'm buying, this will just have to wait...for a sale :)


  1. Oh my goodness! I just saw this at JoAnn's and totally thought of you!

  2. Tiff, the Anonymous comment was me (Missy) I don't know how to join this! Never mind just figured it out.

  3. Ha, I was JUST going to say, you didn't leave a name at the bottom of your comment who is this, but you beat me too it :)
    That's soo funny you thought of me and here I posted it, hee hee
    Thanks for joining :) With Halloween coming up I'll be blogging like crazy. I'm going to need to make a batch of your candy corn trail mix to get me through. Oooh, I'm sooo blogging about that. Giving you credit of course :)


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