September 10, 2011


Target Halloween Love

I had to run into Target to get a few things and to check on the peacock's sale price. Still $20.00 on sale.
And what should happen to be by the garden sale items... HALLOWEEN has come to Target!! I'm in trouble now. Soo hard to resist the pull of Halloween goodies. Here's some of my favs.

This light up tree would look spooky in a darkened entryway. And it has BATS, bonus! I LOVE bats :) $50.00

I want these tombstones. So cool. $20.00

These skeletons ($40.00) would be a perfect addition to creepify the party. Especially the mummy ($30.00)looking one.

You know I'm getting these bats. LOVE! You can never have enough. Bat cave! $20.00
Happy Halloween party planning :)


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