September 26, 2011


Renaisance Anniversary Party

Saturday I went to a unique 20th wedding anniversary party of a good friend of mine's. I've known her since high-school and her husband for almost as long. They are still very much in love and it shows.  Sadly I could only stay at their festivities for an hour and a half. I had to leave just as the fun was beginning. I had a Duran Duran concert to go too :) My favorite band from high-school. Still love them.  The little bit of the party I did get to see was great and I look forward to seeing the evening pictures, the part of the party I missed.

The festivities were held on a great piece of property. It was the perfect setting, a large open grassy area surrounded by trees. As I drove down the country road, this shield guided my way to the fun.

The pathway to the royal court yard was lined with lanterns to be lit as the sun went down. I missed that beautiful sight.
                Wishing well or was this where they got our water we drank :) ha ha

I missed out on the fire pit too. This would have been so fun. The King and Queen created this just for the party. I like the attention to detail with the covering on the logs.
The tables made me think of a tavern in medieval times.  The faux stone wall was a nice touch and made you feel more like you were in medieval times.
Drinks were served in barrels. Nice touch.
For the diet grog drinkers a more modern style barrel was used. The glasses were a party gift.

This was great entertainment and very period related. The King got a bulls eye :)

A jester played tunes and made merriment.
The Queen and I. I was fortunate enough to have a friend I could borrow this merchant outfit from. I love when parties have dress codes. The short time that I was at the party quite a few of their friends came in Renaissance clothes.  It made the party that much more fun. The Queen even had a lady in waiting. How fun
We all loved this shot.  Your grapes me lady. The King feeding his Queen :)  Such a happy couple. 20 years and still so in love.
When the King and Queen get all their pictures up I'll do a part II of the night time fun I missed.

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  1. Great pics Tiffany!! Would you post these on fb too so i can share them? :)

  2. Oh i see you already did... thanks!! :)

  3. No problem Jean. Thank you for inviting me to such a wonderful anniversary celebration.


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