September 30, 2011


Margarita cupcakes

Just got back from a night out with girlfriends.  My very good friend is leaving us to go work in another city.  No more breaks and lunch's with her, wah.  So tonight we gave her a send off at one of her favorite food places, Mexican.  Since there was no decorating involved, I of course couldn't not do anything party related. So I made mini cupcakes to match the food choice... Margarita cupcakes!

They turned out really good. Margarita mix in the cupcake, lime juice, coarse salt  and tequila in the frosting, YUM!!

Here's a few different recipes you can try:
I gave these some consideration but I'm not a fan of beer so I went with the margarita. I might make these for my man though since he likes Corona.  Corona lime cupcakes.
Happy cupcake making :)


  1. Thanks for re-sharing this blog post today! I'm about to head to Anchorage and will have to buy supplied to make them

    1. Wow! How did I miss this comment. Thank you for leaving some Love Dawn :D I really enjoy reading all the comments. If you made them I hope everyone in your little town of Barrow loved them.


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