September 12, 2011


Alien Baby Sneak Peek

This Saturday I'm having a very unique party. Just me and a few of my girlfriends. I'm hoping the weather stays nice so we can all enjoy the covered patio. We're finally getting our hot weather after not seeing it all summer.  Which is why my to-do list didn't get done yesterday.  Too hot to bake, we have no A/C, 85 in the house all day, oof. So tonight,  I'm going to attempt Cake Pops again.  The first time I made them they turned out super cute but ooooo WAY too sweet.  I think I added too much frosting.  I'm hoping they turn out this time. Here's what I'm making,

Cake pop - cake pops - Alien cake pops
Have you made Cake Pops before? Which ones and did they turn out? Send me photo's and I'll post them here.

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  1. My one friend to make them (which she did for a video tutorial) said they didn't taste good. Hopefully there is more than one way to make them!

  2. Hmm, good to know. I'm only making a few so if they taste icky we'll just munch on the cupcakes I'm making. Which I know will taste yummer :)


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