August 17, 2011


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday's

I saw these in the Fred Meyer garden center. I'd want about 6 of these for a woodland party in my, you got it, wooded backyard. Lets see $25 ec, so 6 x 25= $150, yep, Woo Hoo! Wednesday find for me.
The crafty TheMistressT and I are hosting a Halloween bash this year so we're both on the look out for items we could add to our already growing stash.  Pottery Barn has some spooktacular stuff that's just a bit out of our price range,

Condiment holder $59.00 at  Pottery Barn
Lighted Twig Spider Web, $129.00 at Pottery Barn
Happy oogling :) and remember, if you have a Woo Hoo! Wednesday find email me and let me know about it. Your find may be featured in the next Woo Hoo! Wednesday's.


  1. Dagnabit! Not I'm going to HAVE to go to the PB site and look at their Halloween stuff and dare to dream. Sigh.


  2. Hee hee, I know right. They have some great stuff. Little out of my price range but on sale...


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