August 21, 2019


Wedding Styled Shoot Workbook Review

Wedding Styled Shoot Workbook Review 

Many of you know I've been a party stylist and the occasional craft workshop host for the last 6+ years.  So I'm  no stranger to styling parties for a photo shoot.  This year I added wedding coordinator to my resume.  The thing is, I didn't have a wedding portfolio to showcase my ability to help couples bring their vision to life.  I know I can help couples style their wedding but they don't know that because I don't have anything to show them.  This is where a wedding styled shoot comes in.  But styling a wedding is different then styling a party shoot. I needed a little help.  

Engaged Wedding Planner Academy's The Styled Shoot Workbook  was the help I needed.  The workbook walks you through step-by-step which makes it so easy to create a styled shoot.  The workbook includes a timeline so you know about how long it takes to do a wedding shoot. A checklist which made sure I didn't forget anything and  areas to brainstorm your styled shoots vision.  The section on how to create a mood board was very helpful.  I'd never created one before because I didn't need one when I was styling my parties.  With wedding styled shoots you have several vendors involved and they can't see the vision in your mind so you need to create a mood board.

There's a whole section of check lists for each vendor so you're sure not to miss anything for your shoot.  And the tips! Everything from finding a venue, to finding models to shots that you want to make sure the photographer gets.  

Because of this workbook my first styled shoot went really well, I got to work with some great vendors and have a great time during the shoot.  

If you're just starting out in the wedding business and need to get some styled shoots under your belt, I highly recommend Engaged Wedding Planner Academy's The Styled Shoot Workbook

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