February 11, 2019


My Ideal Couple

My Ideal Couple 

So Exciting!! You got engaged 💍 You've been basking in that post engagement glow and now you're ready to start planning your wedding.  Which is not easy.  You've got everyone and their mother giving you their opinions.  Then there's all those ideas sucking you down the Pinterest  rabbit hole and don't even get me started on the Instagram wedding worthy overwhelm.  

Love letters from Oriental Trading.  Backyard wedding. 

You had all these plans that you were going to plan your wedding yourself but then when you really sat down to do it and all the outside influences started creeping in you were like, Dang, we need a little help.  So you search the net for a wedding planner but that's not really what you need.   A wedding planner is too full service for what you're looking for.  You just want a little help with a few things.  So you type in wedding coordinator and wedding consultant.  Ok, these services look more like what you're looking for.  But which one do you choose? You want to pick someone who matches your style and personality.  

Am I the right wedding consultant for you?

Photographer A Well Crafted Party 

Your my ideal couple if you like to have fun!  You want to plan your own wedding but dang it it's hard and you still want to have a life. You don't want wedding planning to consume all your free time and you just want a little help here and there.  Or maybe this is your second marriage or a vow renewal and you don't want the big to-do and are looking for someone to help you create a little more relaxed playful wedding.  Or maybe you don't even want a wedding, you're thinking an elopement. 

Your the type of couple that wants to get married on the beach, in a backyard, in the woods, standing in a waterfalls pool, up a mountain trail that ends in a beautiful view, in a park or even a boxing gym. You want to add some wedding elements, décor and design to these places but you don't want the big fancy pants go all out type of wedding.
Backyard wedding styled shoot by Fizzy Party 

You want a more causal vibe to your wedding.  No large guest counts, you want a more intimate gathering.  It's not about the numbers at your wedding. It's about sharing it with the people who have special meaning in your life.  No seating charts or 4- course meals. You want your guests to have fun and a memorable experience. Not the same type of wedding they've been to before. 

Your wedding is fun, colorful, whimsical, quirky and very personalized.

Octopus chandelier from Chandeliers by NK and part of Fizzy Party's collection

I'm that wedding consultant who will help you when that thought hits you and you're like, 'wait, how do we do this idea I just had?' Or, ' I can't figure out how to make these elements look good together.' Being creative, crafty and styling on the fly are my strong points.  I'm the stylist who the morning of a party or wedding will wake up at 5:00 a.m. and think, OOOOHHH, YES! I NEED to add this little detail.  My husband calls that stress. I call it passion. 😉

Photographer Photography Hill 

I help my couples with vendor recommendations, hiking up to your mountain view point and helping you plan out how to add some wedding flair to the spot, send you monthly checklists to keep your stress level down because you think you're forgetting something and so much more. Think of me as your wedding helper who's there for all the little bits of help you need. 

Wedding-reception-cake-dessert-table-Fizzy -Party
Photographer Photography Hill 
I can't wait to help you plan your fun, unique, whimsical, outdoor, adventurous wedding!
Let's chat- Tiffany.fizzyparty@gmail.com 

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  1. I CAN NOT wait to see all the fun you help create with your couples!


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