January 28, 2019


New Logo Look

New Year, New Logo 

It's a new year with a new direction for Fizzy Party.    Fizzy Party has been bringing you party inspiration for 6+ years and will continue to bring you party inspiration.  But this is 2019 and I'm taking Fizzy Party into an exciting new venture, Wedding Consulting 👰💍  You're going to be seeing a lot of changes around here.  Starting with a fresh look to the logo. 

When I started Fizzy Party I reached out to Michele of Brave Creative Design  because I can style a party but I suck at graphic design.  I had NO clue what I wanted my logo to look like.  I knew I wanted hot pink because I love poppin bright coloures.  I wanted some glittery element because I love glittery things and my friends can't look at something glittery without thinking of me.  I knew I wanted it to express fun and I wanted a unique coloured background. A colour you didn't see on a lot of other logos.  For fonts, I had no clue.  I honestly really don't pay attention to fonts.  

Michele took my vague ideas and created something I thought expressed Fizzy Party.  The hot pink was included in the font, the glittery gold confetti at the bottom, the fun bubbles coming out of the Y like it's a glass of bubbly.  The teal background is definitely not a colour you see in a lot of logos.  I liked the logo she created for me.   Thank goodness for graphic designers.  

Old Logo Look


Here we are in 2019 and I'm so PUMPED for this year!! I'm super excited about this year and this excitement called for a fresh look to the logo.   When I contacted Michele  I think she was excited to give my logo a fresh look too.  I told her I wanted MORE colour, brighter colours, more confetti fun. I wanted it to express the fun, bright, personalized, you do you wedding feel for my new Wedding Consulting.  The colours I chose were hot pink, bright orange, lime green and bright yellow.  I chose these colours because I'm drawn to them and they were our wedding colours.

Michele was itching to remove the coloured background and I said, "Go for it!"  One thing I like to do when working with vendors is give them an outline and my thoughts on what I'm looking for and let them run with it.  The services they offer are what they specialize in and I do not specialize in graphic design.  I really like the white background, it makes the bright colours POP! The gold glittery confetti on the bottom of the logo was replaced by colourful fun confetti.  I LOVE it!

New Logo Look 


New year, fresh fun logo look and new direction.

What do you think of the new logo look?   

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