August 27, 2018


End of Summer Party Tips

End of Summer Party Tips 
As seen on Afternoon Live 

End -of -summer- party - tips

Ok, I KNOW the photos aren't the best and all perfect looking.  That's what happens when you take the pics in the back prep area of a t.v. station.  That's right, this party set up was featured on Afternoon Live.  You should totally go watch.  I give some serious end of summer party tips you'll want to snag.   

So this pic is totally washed out.  BUT,  what I want to point out here is the paper lanterns.  They're great for summer parties.  They are inexpensive and light and perfect for hanging from tree's or  pergolas. Many come with lights that are battery operated so you can extend the party after the sun has gone down. 

End of summer candy table
Bright candies can add some fun to your end of summer parties.   Be sure the candy sticks with the theme of your party.  I chose a tropical themed end of summer party so I went with bright tropical colourful candy.   If it's going to be a hot day when you host your party be sure to set up the candy table indoors.  Candy and hot sun don't mix.  If you set up your candy bar outdoors on a hot day you'll have a big sticky mess.  

End of summer party tips candy bar
 When setting up a candy bar be sure to have a variety on hand. Pick a variety of colours, flavors and textures.  Cupcakes are always good to have on your dessert table.   If you pick up store bought ones dress them up with candy sprinkles and picks matching your theme.

 It's easy to add handmade details to your party like this flamingo banner I created.  Look for a template of something that matches your theme, trace it out onto card stock and attach to ribbon or clear line with tape.  No one is going to see the back and tape is quick and easy. I added a little glitter to the flamingo beak for some fun.

Tropical party photo booth props
 No summer party is complete without some fun photo booth props that match your theme.  Everyone loves to take fun photo's that will remind them of all the summer fun with friends when winter hits and it's too cold or wet to host a party outdoors.

Tropical party photo booth props
Photo props don't have to be expensive.  Pick up some fun glasses at dollar shops and party them up by adding glitter.  

For more ideas and to see WAY better images, watch the video.


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