April 25, 2018


Churro Cupcakes

Churro Cupcakes 

Churro - Cupcakes - cinco - de- mayo - cupcakes

My kitchen smelled sooo good when I was baking these churro cupcakes. They were the perfect dessert for my taco bar party. The smell of cinnamon filled the air.   And it was really hard not to eat them before the party. 

Succulents- Cupcakes - churro - cupcakes

I got the recipe for these churro cupcakes from The Domestic Rebel.  She found churros at her store in the frozen food section but I didn't have such luck.  Since my local grocery stores didn't have any frozen or fresh churros I went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants and ordered some. These cupcakes would taste just as good without the churro on top but I think it really adds to the look of the cupcakes.  It's the little details that make your party pop. 

Churro - cupcakes

You can almost see the cinnamon and sugar I sprinkled on the frosting to give the cupcakes even more churro flavor. 

Churro - cupcake- cinco- de- mayo - succulents

One of my friends at the party asked me how I got the frosting to look so perfect.  Practice helps.  For these cupcakes I used a Wilton number 1M tip.  Her comment made me think maybe I should host a basic cupcake decorating party. Want to come?  Leave me a tweet and let me know. You can find me here. 

Churro - Cupcakes - taco - party - Cinco - de- Mayo


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