August 21, 2017


Solar Eclipse Party

Solar Eclipse Party 

It's here, it's finally here. Did you see it?  This is the second time in my life that it's passed through my state, woo hoo!! So of course I threw a mini party. I had to celebrate the occasion.  

Bella Grey Designs created a fun invitation for the event.  The next solar eclipse won't be until 2024 so you can either be super prepared for it by getting your invitation now or you could use this invitation for an outer space party.  Just change up the wording a little.   I love how the gold sequin table linen is reflected in the invitation. 

Solar Eclipse invitation by Bella Grey Designs at a party styled by Fizzy Party

Serve up an orange martini to represent the sun and coat the rim with sky blue sprinkles.

Host a solar eclipse party. Also works for a galaxy out of space party

Make sure everyone wears glasses specially made for the solar eclipse.  You don't want your guests going blind or suffering blurry vision for the rest of their lives.  Be sure to have enough glasses on hand for all your guests.

Host a galaxy, out of this world, solar eclipse party

Serve up a galaxy cake for all your guests to enjoy to celebrate the eclipse.  This is a big event and it calls for a special cake.  I had Sprinklemade make mine vanilla with caramel and toffee filling.  The cake not only looks out of this world but tastes out of this world too.

Galaxy party or solar eclipse party hosted by Fizzy Party

Galaxy cake by Sprinkle Made. Perfect for solar eclipse or out of this world party

Solar eclipse party. For more fun details visit

Can't forget the party favors.  I love sending my guests home with party favors.  Fill little bags with Milky Way candy bars and Eclipse gum.  A fun play on the event.  I meant to pick up Moon Pies and completely forgot.  I love those things.

Party favors for solar eclipse or out of this world party.

If you watched the solar eclipse tell me about it by leaving a comment. I'd love to hear about your experience.


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