July 31, 2017


Summer Time Charcuterie

Summer Time Charcuterie at Stoller Vineyards 

Portland blogger meet up at Stoller Family Estate

A few weekends ago I met up with some local bloggers and enjoyed a day at Stoller Family Estate.  Not all mini parties have to be held at home.  Summer time is meant for taking the party on the road and exploring parks, vineyards, boat docks, and more in your area.  So pack up that party, hit the road and tell me all about it .  

Wow, it has been WAY too long since I've been to a vineyard. I had no idea they served charcuterie.  How pretty does all that look.  I tried the big salami on the end and it was very good.  I didn't try the cheese because I'm not a cheese fan, unless of course it's on pizza, nachos, grilled cheese sandwich. 
Those hazelnuts I can tell you were delicious. I couldn't stop eating them.  Thankfully everyone else at the event wanted the meats and cheeses or I would have felt like a real pig hogging the nuts. 

Charcuterie board at Stoller vineyards for Portland Blogger meet-up
When it comes to wine I'm all about the reds. I like the full bodied richness and  the taste the tannins impart. The very thing that people who prefer white wines don't like.  Tannins can impart a bitter element.  You'd think I would prefer white wines since I love sweets. Nope.   However, that bottle on the table there, that's a Chardonnay, the first bottle in our flight at Stoller.  And dare I say it?  I liked it.  I was very surprised.  Our sommelier at the vineyard informed us that this wine was fermented in a stainless steel drum.  This is the reason I liked it. The stainless steel imparts a different taste to it.    If you're not a fan of white wines, you should order a bottle their chardonnay made in a stainless steel drum, you just might like it. Just like I did.

Grab some friends and enjoy some charcuterie at wine at a vineyard.

Doesn't this just make you want to create your own charcuterie board, pour a glass of wine and just hang out with your friends on a summer afternoon?

Summer is meant for charcuterie enjoyed outdoors with friends

We love this bridal shower idea on Fizzy Party- Charcuterie and wine at a vineyard

I can't wait to show  you the rest of our Portland blogger meet-up at Stoller Family Estate later this week.  Until then, I want to hear about your winery tour experience.  Which ones have you been too?  What did you do there?

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