January 18, 2017


Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year 2017
Year of the Rooster  

Chinese New Year is January 28, 2017.

Red is a main colour of Chinese New Year and is an auspicious color.
I couldn't resist glamming up the table with a gold sequined table linen.  I've used this gold sequined linen in a lot of my parties. It's so versatile.

Paper plates get an upgrade with chargers.  I've gotten a lot of use out of these gold chargers too.

Fish is a must at Chinese New Year but I don't like the taste of fish at all.  So I decorated with gummy fish.  Eating fish is believed to bring a surplus of wealth and good fortune. 

Koi fish gummies swim in a pool of river rocks. Small details like this can add a big impact to your table.  You might think that your guests wouldn't notice small details like these but they do. They do. And it's a wonderful feeling when your guests comment on these little details you take time to add.

I served up spring rolls in a bamboo steamer and set the spring rolls atop red candy coated chocolate candies.  The candy coating kept the chocolate from melting.  And I just liked the way it looked.  It added a layer of texture and colour.

Now I totally could have made my own Chinese food but I cheated and went to Panda Express.   It's just so much easier.   I like Chinese food but many recipes call for a lot of ingredients that I would never use up before they expired.  And Panda Express is 2 miles from my house and by picking up food to go I save myself time and stress so I can enjoy more time with my friends at the party.

Red envelopes are given to children and seniors and have money inside.  I filled mine this year with chocolate money.  In past Chinese New Year parties I filled the red envelopes with lottery tickets.

Next up: Chinese New Year dessert. Be sure to come back by.

Inspired to host a Chinese New Year party?
Here's where I got everything so you too can achieve this look.

Styling, concept, photography: Fizzy Party
Gold sequin table linen:  Joann Fabric and Craft 
Gold chargers:  Michaels 
Red and gold candles: Fred Meyer
Rooster paper plates, Koi gummies and red candy coated candy: Oriental Trading 
Red envelopes, bamboo steamer and gold coin chocolate money: Uwajimaya 
Chinese food: Panda Express 

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