January 23, 2017


Chinese New Year DIY Party Favors

Chinese New Year
Year of the Rooster 🐓
Easy DIY Party Favors 

Easy DIY Chinese New Year Party Favors as seen on Fizzy Party

No party of mine is complete without a party favor.  For this years Chinese New Year party I sent guests home with a tangerine body butter.  Mandarin's are considered good fortune during Chinese New Year but I couldn't find mandarin body butter.  So satsuma had to do.  

Chinese New Year DIY party  favors. For more inspiration visit www.fizzyparty.com

I love the little details of this favor.  The gold Chinese symbol on the front of the take-out box and the cute little fortune cookie charm.  I tied the charm onto a bamboo straw with red string.  
Chinese New Year party favors details. For more Inspiration visit wwww.fizzyparty.com

Careful, I think that dragon is eyeing your favor.  You better go get it before he runs off with all of them. 😉😉

Chinese New Year party favors. Tangerine body butter. For more Chinese New Year inspiration visit www.FizzyParty.com

Supplies needed to create this party favor:
Craft paper
Take out boxes
bamboo straws
Red thread
Fortune cookie charms
Chinese symbol stamp
Satsuma body butter

Chinese New Year easy DIY party favors supplies. To see the final product visit www.fizzyparty.com

These party favors are super easy to make.  Gather all the supplies listed above and lets make one. 
1. Cut a piece of the gold glitter craft paper to fit the front of the take-box.  
2. Attach it to the take-out box with double stick tape. 
3. Write or stamp a Chinese symbol onto red craft paper and cut it out into a square.
4.  Attach with double stick tape to the gold glitter paper that you just attached to the take-out box. 
5. Tie a fortune cookie charm to a bamboo straw with the red string. 
6. Put the bamboo straw with the fortune cookie charm into the take-out box. 
7. Set the satsuma body butter into the take-out box. 

For more ideas about Chinese New Year be sure to follow my Chinese New Year board on Pinterest

Shop this party favor:

Styling, concept, photography by Fizzy Party 
White take-out boxes, fortune cookie charms:  Oriental Trading 
Gold sequin table linen, red thread and craft paper:  Joann Fabric and Crafts 
Satsuma body butter:  The Body Shop 
Dragon:  Uwajimaya 


  1. Wow! These turned out really great!

    1. Well thank you! Super simple but really takes the take-out containers up a notch.


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