December 16, 2016


Christmas Movie Night

What do you do when it snows all night and closes your work the next day?  You stay home, throw on some comfy fleece and watch Christmas movies all day.

Christmas Movie Night ideas at

It rarely snows in Portland, Oregon so when it does we get out and enjoy it.   I've always liked making mini snowmen over regular sized snowmen.  They're just so cute and easy to make.  As you can see these snowmen are having a little party.  Candyfetti™ from Sweetsindeed adds a little colour to this party. It's like confetti and every party needs confetti.

When it snows you build mini snowmen.

When it snows, throw a snow man party then watch Christmas movies. Get ideas at

After playing in the snow it was time to warm up and relax with some Christmas movies.  December is such a busy month and it seems like there's never time to just relax. So a snow day makes for a great reason to just enjoy doing nothing.  These are just some of our favorite Christmas movies. We have the classics too.  Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Leave me a comment and let me know.
Christmas Movie night ideas over at

Playing in the snow makes my hands cold so before we sat down to watch some movies I set up a little hot cocoa bar. 
Mini hot cocoa bar and Christmas movie night inspiration on

I like to party up my hot cocoa with sprinkles, peppermint sticks, a dash of flavor and marshmallows. I like to make my hot cocoa look like it came from a fancy coffee shop.

Hot cocoa bar and Christmas movies are the perfect way to spend a snow day over on

Marshmallow pops are a must for a hot cocoa bar. More inspiration can be found at

I really like adding marshmallows to my hot cocoa and these marshmallow pops by Shari's Berries  are perfect. The little sprinkles remind me of a party and these pops melt right in the cocoa.
Hot cocoa bar inspiration at

Snacks are a must while watching movies and the classic assorted truffle box from Shari's Berries  has a little something for every one. These little truffles pop in your mouth just like popcorn.  I like that there is white chocolate included in the mix because I like white chocolate the best.  My man went for the dark chocolate.  Can you tell we were excited about the snow!
Sharis Berries chocolates are great for Movie nights over at

With Christmas a few weeks away there's still time to host a movie night.  The beauty of a Christmas movie night is they're so easy to do last minute.  You don't need to decorate because you already have Christmas decor up, you can stream movies if you don't own any and treats abound this time of year.

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Styling and photography by Fizzy Party
Little hat on the snowman: Fancy That PDX 
Candyfetti™: Sweets Indeed 
Gingerbread men Mugs: Crate and Barrel 
White cake plate: World Market 
HoHo platter: Michaels 
Marshmallow pops and chocolate truffles: Shari's Berries 

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