September 26, 2016


Sapphire Event

Shane Company Sapphire Soiree

DATE NIGHT!!  Shane Company Jeweler recently held an event at their Portland location. Yay!  This was only the second location in the U.S. that the company held this event.  The first one was in Phoenix. 

With both of us working a lot we don't do many date nights.  In fact, we were over due.  So when we got the invitation in the mail for Shane Co's Sapphire Soiree we RSVP'd YES right away.  It was a great date night.   As soon as we walked in the door we were handed a glass of champagne.  The lights were turned down and the room had a pretty sapphire glow to it. We enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pieces and snacking on appetizers by Vibrant Table. 

Shane Co Sapphire Event

Appetizers by Vibrant Table.   As you can see I went straight for the dessert ;)  There was fruit, cheese and some meats but I only had eyes for the sweets.  Delicious chocolate bites and lemon tarts.
Shane Co Sapphire Event with Apps by Vibrant Table

Shane Co Sapphire Event choc apps by Vibrant Table

Oh my goodness these lemon tarts topped with a blackberry were so good. It was hard not to eat more then one.  I wanted to stuff my purse with them ;) HA HA!!
Shane Co Sapphire Event Dessert

Fun ice bar.  This was so perfect for the event because gems are often referred to as ice.  The lights bounced off the ice bar and made it sparkle like lights reflecting off of a diamond.
Shane Co Sapphire Event Ice Bar

Shaken not stirred.
Shane Co Sapphire Event Cocktails

The Shane Co Sapphire Event was a great mid-week date night.  We need to do this more often.
The event also gave me party inspiration.  Of course it did.

I'm hoping Shane Co does more of these soirees.

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