August 29, 2016


Portland Street of Dreams

Portland Street of Dreams 

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the Street of Dreams here in Portland, Oregon.  When I tour the houses I'm always looking at the entertaining spaces.  My favorite part of the houses being the outdoor spaces. They are the WOW factor of these houses for me.   I get patio envy whenever I tour the Street of Dreams.  My backyard needs major work and although it will never look like the Street of Dreams backyards, I can get inspiration from them.  Come with me and get some serious patio envy too. 

While a pool to me would be too much upkeep I do love the look of this infinity pool. Come summer your house would be where all your friends would be hanging out.  You can find me in the hot tub relaxing after every one's left the party. 

Street of Dreams Portland Infinity Pool

Swoon!  Here's the funny thing, I don't like cooking. Never have. But every time I see an outdoor kitchen I just know I would be out there cooking all summer.  Our grill gets a lot of use in the summer and I dream of turning our grill into an outdoor kitchen.  If I ever learn masonry skills I'll build one.  Of course a pizza oven would be a must too like the one seen here.
Street of Dreams Portland Outdoor Kitchen

Now this is something I would love.  A party house off the house!! Oh my gosh this would be perfect! A place to keep all the party supplies and you wouldn't have to worry so much about noise.  Our house only has a living room and dining room. No great room, no family room. So if my man's home while I'm throwing a party for my friends he goes to the bedroom. With this party house off the main house he wouldn't feel like he's being sent to his room. Ha ha!
Street of Dreams Portland Party Room

I would live out here in this space whenever the weather was good here in Portland.  What a great entertaining space. Outdoor kitchen, dining, t.v. and a gas fireplace when the sun goes down and a chill is in the air.
Street of Dreams Portland Outdoor Fire

If you have kids, dogs or even if you don't have either, your backyard would be THE party spot in the summer with this outdoor pool slide.
Street of Dreams Portland Waterfall

Feeling inspired to do a little work on your backyard/patio and make it party worthy?
I know I am.  Tell me about your outdoor space. I'd love to hear about it and how you entertain in your outdoor space.


  1. I loved going to the Street of Dreams so much! One year, a long time ago, they offered a vhs of decorating ideas, which I bought. Hehe.
    I think a lot of my "ideal house ideas" were developed from visiting these amazing houses.

    1. Pineconelass, I know whenever I visit the Street of Dreams I always come up with energy and all kinds of ideas for our house. Not that I ever actually do most of the ideas I'm all excited to do but some eventually get done. hee hee

  2. I think that going into a home tour like this with a very specific perspective - like seeking party space ideas - might make the ROI even greater.

    1. I think so too. Oh sure, I looked at the rest of the house but my main focus was party spaces. The outdoor spaces are always my favorite.


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