August 19, 2015


Social Media - Why I'm thinning the herd

Social Media- You're Driving Me Nuts! 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I'm about to un-follow a bunch of sites I enjoy following. Why would I un-follow sites I enjoy?

Repetitive content. Have you noticed? The exact same content will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The exact. same. thing. I'll be flying around Twitter, pop over to Facebook and then over to Instagram and ...wait. Didn't I just see that post already? 
Now I get it, it saves the blogger time to autopost across all social media channels. But here's my thing, you give me no reason to follow you on all your sites. My feeds get filled up with posts I've already seen and I miss other's posts that I want to see. I'm missing out on valuable party inspiration. 

You should totally follow all my sites though 

I don't post the same thing across all social media. Ok, sometimes I share the same photo's, but, not at the same time and generally not the same day.

I respond to all your comments. And if I don't, rest assured it's because I wasn't notified. Not because I'm ignoring you. 

All my social media is a little different. Let's take a look:

Twitter: Little tidbits into my day. What's happening at the moment, what I'm working on, random thoughts, re-tweets of things I think are super fun! It's me being silly
Facebook:  I share my blog posts, really cool parties, amazing party food or articles I see I think you all would be interested in.  This is where I share the majority of my party information. 

Instagram: Pictures! and fun emoji!! Who doesn't love emoji's. Get party inspiration, tasty treats and sneak peeks of new products coming to my etsy shop. Come PARTY! 
Picture courtesy of Bird's Party 
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  1. totally been doing this too! AND then it made me realize that I should be careful of doing the same & have since switched things up a little & hope it pays off! ;)

    1. Awesome Laura! I think it will totally pay off. People's time is valuable and it wastes their feed space and time seeing the exact same thing on all the person's social media. Look forward to seeing your changes.


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