July 20, 2015


Chuck Wagon Party

My friend of Suddenly Surrounded by Taxidermy  has been telling me about this Chuck Wagon party her neighbor throws every year.  Being the party thrower I am, I was OF COURSE extremely interested and wanted to attend.  Well this year I made sure to plan my visit to her when the Chuck Wagon would be happening. 

As soon as we arrived at the party location we were greeted with a saloon and jail backdrop.  I LOVE it! These backdrops were specially built for this party and it really adds to the feel. 

We walked through the saloons swinging doors and one of the hosts greeted us behind the bar to take our order. Drinks were free but there was a tip jar with all tips being donated to Animeals
Chuck Wagon party saloon backdrop

The hosts like everyone to dress the theme, sounds familiar, insert Me! I love when my guests dress the theme of the party. If you don't dress western enough you get thrown in jail and in order to get out you have to pay a fine. The fine goes to Animeals.  I love this idea. Makes me want to throw a Western party and build similar backdrops. 
Chuck Wagon party jail backdrop
It wouldn't be a Chuck Wagon party without a chuck wagon. Not everyone could have an actual chuck wagon available for a party like this but the hosts have a good sized property in Montana and they like to collect western items.

The hosts even hired a band to play good 'ol home on the range western tunes. You can see the band on the right- hand side of this photo. 
Chuck Wagon for the chuck wagon party

Chuck Wagon party in Montana

Chuck wagon interior

Chuck wagon details
Dinners on!The chicken was so tender and the ribs looked really tasty too. Cornbread, beans and pineapple upside down cake were served as well. The cornbread and pineapple upside down cake were made in big pots and cooked over the open flames. 
Cook out at the chuck wagon party
This prop on the table was used later in the party. Keep reading to find out how. 
Chuck wagon western party prop
A sheep wagon was on the property too and open for us to view. 

Sheep wagon at the chuck wagon party

Sheep wagon interior at the chuck wagon party
Every year the hosts put on a little show after everyone eats.  This years show involved a gun fight at the saloon. The hosts and actors (guests) write the script. It was really very entertaining to watch. 
Live show at the chuck wagon party
This party was a lot of fun and I was glad I was able to attend.  Like me, you may not have the room to store a whole saloon and jail backdrop or have friends who would be willing to help put on a play. Hopefully, like me, this party has given you some ideas to throw your own western party. 


  1. If anyone is interested in the cooking end of this, I wanted to point out that the cake and other non-meats were actually made in dutch ovens buried in the coals, rather than over the flames. Our host is a member of a couple of groups that do demonstrations and contests with this style of cooking as well as for the authentic/reproduction chuck wagons.

    1. Thank you TheMistressT ! I had forgotten you did tell me that's how they cook the cornbread and cake. All the food was so good. Thank you for bringing me to this fun party.

  2. Love this such a fun theme and that wagon what an amazing party

    1. Isn't is great Susan! Love people who go all out on parties.


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