March 23, 2015


Spring Cupcakes

 I spotted these mixes in the store and you got it, I had to try them. I wasn't going to combine the two but then I saw this post on I Am Baker and I had to try them combined. The Orangesicle mix smelled just like an ornagesicle. The Key Lime mix had a faint lime smell. 
Spring Cupcakes

 Being Spring and Easter just around the corner I used these cute bunny liners I picked up at Joann's. 
Easter Cupcake Liners

 Since I was going to add both batters to the cupcakes I made it easy on myself and put the batter in pipping bags. 
Easy Cupcake batter technique

Spring cupcakes by Fizzy Party

Spring cupcakes by Fizzy Party

Spring cupcakes by Fizzy Party

While I was making cupcakes I decided to make some mini bundt cakes too. I love my mini bundts. Having the batter in the piping bags came in handy in making these mini bundts. I tried to warm up some frosting and drizzle it onto the mini bundts but as you can see, I need to work on that technique. 
Spring mini bundt cakes by Fizzy Party

Why stop at cupcakes and mini bundts, let's make some bunny cakes too. I wasn't sure if the cake mix would work in this silicon mold. When I've used silicon molds before I always end up loosing a piece of the image. I made sure to spray the cavities really well with nonstick cooking spray and... 
Look how adorable they turned out! Every thing's in tack. The bunnies ears and feet made it. 
Bunny mini cakes by Fizzy Party

Bunny mini cakes by Fizzy Party
The two mix's combined taste pretty good together. I would probably add a little orange and lime zest next time to oomph up the flavor a bit. 

Happy spring baking! 


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    1. Thank you , It's great. These cupcake mixes have a lot of fun applications.


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