January 26, 2015


Kiss 2014 Goodbye

Kiss 2014 Goodbye!

I totally planned on bringing you a recap of the BASH conference I just attended. But then I came across this pic and said, whoa! in all your crafting and excitement for BASH you forgot to share this!

So here it is. I have seen this idea on a few other blogs and loved it but had never done it. I first saw it on Jac o' lyn Murphy and also on Pink Polka Dot Creations . So this year I took the time to send some snail mail to a few friends. I sent my friends their favorite lip balms and a letter.  The letter told my friends how I was so busy in 2014 that I didn't spend as much time with them as I wanted too and that in 2015 I had BIG plans ! 

What are those big plans? Spending more weekends with them doing things. Not just meeting for lunch but baking, crafting, mini parties and dessert sampling to name a few. 

New Year, Kiss 2014 Goodbye
I'll be sharing with you all on social media some of the baking and crafting things we plan on trying so that you can try them along with us. So be sure to follow along on FB, Twitter and Instagram. You can find me under Fizzy Party. 

Thank you A Party Studio for the printables. 

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