October 22, 2014


Pumpkin Carving Party

 This weekend I had a few friends over to carve pumpkins.  I kept it low key this year. Very low key. I'm talking a simple table, take-out lunch and all store bought treats.

I always keep the guest count small. It's easier to carve pumpkins when you have a small group of people. I only invite 4-5 friends. We watch a Halloween movie, eat lunch, enjoy some treats and carve up some pumpkins. This years movie choice took us back to our Jr high school days,  Children of the Corn.  We always pick a movie that we've all seen so we're watching but not WAtching, if you know what I mean.
My bathroom decor
I told you I was very low key this year. I didn't bake a single treat and I bought lunch. A delicious Hawaiian fare of pulled pork and shuyo chicken with rice and pasta salad from Roxy's Island Grill.  It was delish! Pumpkin spice candy corn, pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses and pumpkin spice M & Ms. This gave my friends a chance to try these seasonal candies.

Pumpkin Oreo's, Trader Joe's Jo-Jo's and Caramel Apple Oreo's.  The pumpkin spice Oreo's are good. Nice mild flavor. I bought the Jo-Jo's on a recommendation from a friend. However I didn't care for them. I'm not a chocolate cookie fan. The caramel apple Oreo's were a hit with my friends.

I displayed the Mingle magazine issue my party was featured in and then forgot to brag ;) to my friends about it. What was I thinking! Cake pops in the photo by 4 Kids Cakes.

 Low key again, no baking here. Trader Joe's pumpkin macarons. I drew the faces on with edible ink. Note-when drawing faces on these macarons you want a light touch or they crack. As you can see.

Party favors! Recognize those coffins and pumpkins? Pumpkins by Danielle's Sweet Side , coffin box's from Michaels

So I did bake something for the party, pumpkin bread.  I used Wilton  coffin baking box's, added the Wilton zombie hand and crushed up Trader Joe's Jo-Jo's to make the dirt.

Inside the bags I gave my friends the pumpkin bread in the coffin, a pumpkin spice tea bag and Halloween socks.  My guests love the socks! I'm telling you, if you're thinking of hosting a small Halloween party next year pick up some socks at 50% off and give them out next year. Your guests will love them.

Where's the pictures of the pumpkins we carved you ask? well, we had so much fun laughing, talking, eating good food and watching cheesy old Halloween movies, I forgot to take pictures of the carved pumpkins. Now that's a sign of a good party.

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