February 24, 2014


Valentine's Cookies

The weekend before Valentine's Day I was going to have a party with some friends. Then it happened. It snowed in the area of Oregon I live in and I had to cancel the party. Now depending on where you live you're thinking, why would you need to cancel the party?  We don't get much snow and therefore don't have the equipment to clear the roads. I didn't want my guests getting in accidents so I cancelled. I intended to make lots of treats. One of those being Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. Or so I thought...

When I pulled out the box I realized it wasn't a cupcake mix but a cookie mix.  oops! Of course I was still going to make them.
Valentine Cookies, Pillsbury, Cherry M & M's
Thinking the cookie mix might be too sweet and it being the holiday of chocolate, I decided to add some Cherry M & M's to the cookie mix. In my head this combination sounded good.
Valentine Cookies, Pillsbury cookies, Cherry M & M's
The first batch of cookies I made I just scooped them out and blobbed them on the sheet. They could look prettier.
Valentine Cookies, Pillsbury cookies, Cherry M & M's
For the second batch I shaped the cookies all pretty so when they were done baking they would be all ready to party.
Valentine Cookies, Pillsbury Cookies, Cherry M & M's
How did the cookies taste?  Myself and friends who tried them all had the same reaction.  The first bite you think, hmm different, not sure if I like them. Then you take a second bite and think, mmm these are good. The Cherry Chocolate M & M's cut the sweetness of the pink lemonade.  With out them the cookies would be way too sweet.  Even with the Cherry Chocolate M & M's one cookie is all you really want. 

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