February 28, 2014


Stamping 1.0

Stamping 1.0 at Paper Source

If you're a creative person you probably love Paper Source as much as I do.  So many beautiful papers, fun stamps, stamping supplies and friendly helpful staff.   
 I've dabbled in rubber stamping but have never taken a class.  So when I saw Paper source offered a Stamping 1.0 Class I signed up.   Look at all the fun stamping supplies we got to work with. There were 4 of us in the class and Erin our instructor was very nice, peppy and informative.  My class mates consisted of two friends who work at Starbucks and a tween.
We all enjoyed playing with the glitter and bright embossing powders.  The two friends wanted to glitter and emboss their name tags and emboss peoples names on their cups when they ordered. The friends thought this would make them the most popular baristas at their Starbucks.  I'd say they were right.
This embossing tool is AMAZING! Embosses in a snap! It heats up to 800 degree's so if you use it, hold the paper with a clothes pin to keep from burning your fingers. Our instructor told us this very helpful safety tip.
What do you learn in Stamping 1.0?  Several different stamping techniques.  Lets run through them.

Starting top left- We worked with Colorbox Pigment ink and embossed it with clear powder.  This was to get us use to the heat gun and to see what embossing is.

Middle left- Colorbox Chalk ink. It's just like using chalk on a chalkboard. A lighter softer look.

Bottom left- Colorbox Metallic ink using the heat tool. No embossing.  I love the metallic inks.

Top right- Stamping over printed words.

Bottom right- Glitter embossing powder. This was one of the class favorites. Glitter will never go out of style.
Starting top left- Versamark ink. Versamark is a clear ink that gives a watermark effect on the paper.

Middle left- Versamark ink, embossing with clear, white and coloured powders.  This gives an almost velvety look.

Bottom left- Using the Versamark clear ink with gold resin and glittered embossing powder.

Middle right- Brilliance inks. This is suppose to give a bit of shimmer to the look. As our instructor said, the products we were using for the class are well loved so they might not work as well as if you bought the products brand new.

Bottom right- neon inks.
Starting top left- Masking technique.  I didn't do very well with this one. It's suppose to look like one stamp is behind the other.

Middle left- Quiver effect. Stamping one image over top another.

Bottom left- Cannon repeat pattern without re-inking. Ink your stamp and then just keep stamping until you run out of ink or until you have as many images as you want.

Top right- Delicata Gold on dark and light papers. This gold gives a radiant metallic finish that will not lose its luster.

Middle right- using Souffle pens. Gives an embossed look to your image.

Bottom right- Glue pad and chunky glitter.  Stamp onto the glue pad, sprinkle glitter on top and it stays!  We all loved this one. Who doesn't love glitter?!
The class was an hour and a half and was only $25.00.  I discovered new products with this class and had a fun evening with people I didn't know.  If you're interested in rubber stamping this class is worth taking.  You get a taste of a lot of different products and discover which products you enjoy and which ones you don't need to purchase.

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