January 8, 2014


Happy First Birthday

My second cousin had her first birthday on January 4th.  My cousin had the party at Munchkin Playland which is a perfect place for little kids.  They have a nice area for kids to play in and they clean up after your party.  How nice is that?

My cousin used her Cricut to make the Happy Birthday sign and these cute little decorations. How does my 19 year old cousin have a Cricut and I don't? Although I'm told a Silhouette  is what I should get. I'm going to have to research this.

Look at these cute little animals made by my cousin with her Cricut. I love the colours she chose.
The cake was made at a bakery and they did a great job of matching the party theme.
The high-chair back was made by my cousin with the help of our aunts and the tutu front was made by my cousin. So cute!
Smash cake from Albertson's. My second cousin loved the pink frosting more than she did the cake. She looked like a clown by the end of the night with all the pink frosting all over her mouth and nose.
I don't know why this picture came out sideways. It didn't look that way when I uploaded it. And I can't get it to not be sideways.


  1. This looks like a lovely party. Loving all the cute little animals done with Cricut! I'd love to try using Cricut myself.

    -Stephanie @ Spaceships and Laser Beams

    1. I thought my cousin who's 19 did a good job. I love all the fun things you can do with a Cricut too. Might just have to add that to the birthday list.


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