December 16, 2013


Breakfast for Santa

Forget milk and cookies for Santa. Leave the jolly man some donuts for breakfast. Santa has a lot of houses to stop at. Sure he hits most of them at night but you know he's making some stops in the wee hours of the morning.  Santa needs to refuel for his trip back to the North Pole. 
Tulle poms, Fizzy Party, Christmas morning, Christmas breakfast

Add some festiveness with tulle poms from Fizzy Party. 
Christmas breakfast, Fizzy Party, Tulle poms

Christmas breakfast, Tulle poms, Fizzy Party

What will you be leaving Santa on Christmas Eve?


  1. Santa will get a dram of whiskey and carrots for the team pulling his sleigh. Also he will get jumped on by a couple of young, poorly-mannered dogs who love all people, but Santa especially.

  2. I think Santa may appreciate a little nip on his round the world journey. Santa has special powers over dogs and it will be the only time they behave ;) hee hee


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