July 15, 2013


Pacific Northwest Blogger luncheon

Blogger-get together-crafts
Made by A Well Crafted Party   Correction. This was not made by A Well Crafted Party
 Saturday I attended my first blogger meet-up.  I've heard all about these and was looking forward to connecting with other bloggers in the area and getting some valuable information.  The event was held at Journey's, only about 30 minutes from my home.  Lunch was nice and light which was great since it was a warm day.
Blogger-get together-crafts

 We all got a professional picture taken from Margaret Jacobson.  Cara Denison. She put everyone right at ease and of course I had to have fun with the camera and bring out my inner model.

Three projects helped us all get our craft on and get to know our neighbors at our table. I sat with
This Sweet Revery, Rain City Baby, and Harpers happenings  . Not party peeps like myself but a nice group of ladies.

Our first project was a painted canvas tote from Brit.co . The kit comes with everything you need.

Blogger-get together-crafts

Blogger-get together-crafts
Shameless self promotion :) and yes, I know it's crooked

Our next project, I um, didn't finish. It was a hanging plant craft taught by The Paper Mama. All the ladies caught on quick as soon as they heard it was like making a friendship bracelet. I never made those. So not my style, even back when I was kid. 

Blogger-get together-crafts

The last project was from A Well Crafted Party .  We didn't have much time left for her project but it was easy enough to do at home.  Printable cupcake tags and a bunting. For those of you reading this she's offering a 15% discount in her Etsy shop. Just use code PNWblogger .Expires 9/30/13

I've heard of these but have never seen one in real life. Now I got my very own!  Chocked full of fun goodies. 

Blogger-get together-crafts

Blogger-get together-crafts

It was a good afternoon full of crafts and meeting others. 


  1. So glad you were able to come! It was such fun!

    1. I'm glad I found your group and look forward to more events Jenni.


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