June 3, 2013


The Case of the Disappearing Cupcakes

My first BBQ invite of the season was Saturday.  Of course I had to bake something to bring.  With strawberry season kicking off in the Pacific Northwest I wanted to make something out of fresh strawberries. I made a strawberry pie,{screech} wait, I thought this post was about cupcakes? 

It is. Since I wasn't sure if the pie would turn out I made cupcakes too. I had picked up Pillsbury's Orangesicle cake mix a few weeks back and decided to make them.  The Cupcake Crusaders had recently made them too and I took a few ideas from them. 
 For the frosting, like the Crusader's I used  Duncan Hines' Frosting Creations Orange Creme and just mixed it right in to a can of frosting. I too thought that it wasn't quite orange enough and added a little orange extract to give the flavor some oomf. I'm not sure how much I used, I just eye balled it. 
I liked the Cupcake Crusaders idea of making a surprise middle. Instead of making my own I used Cool Whip Frosting in Vanilla. 
These were a HIT!  The cupcakes were disappearing before the grill was even fired up. I saw people going back for seconds and thirds!
The cake was moist and light with a hint of creamsicle flavor. Adding the orange extract to the frosting uped the creamsicle experience and by adding a vanilla middle, it was like a orange creamsicle ice cream bar   in a cupcake. 

For your summertime fun I highly recommend these cupcakes.


  1. They look beautiful, as always! It's amazing how much people love orange flavored cupcakes. I guess it's because they are so light and refreshing, perfect for an outdoor cookout. And I love your idea for the filling! I bet it was so light and perfect.

    1. Jenn I was surprised too. I agree, it was a beautiful sunny day and they were light and refreshing. The filling was so easy and it added that extra surprise. Thank you for the idea :)

  2. Yummy I love orange creamsicle ice cream bars so these must be the bomb! Definitely worth a try! Love your writing style, funny and refreshing! ;)

    1. These are delicious Glenda . I love making cupcakes from scratch but if you see this box mix I'd pick it up and make some. You won't have any left-overs.
      Aww, thank you :) I just write how I speak. I'm glad it's enjoyable to read and I really appreciate the compliment.

  3. Replies
    1. Shauna these are sooo good. My co-workers have been asking for them lately :)


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