May 24, 2013



This week I took off from blogging to respect those affected by the tornado in Oklahoma. My heart goes out to all of those affected. 
Especially all the fur babies out there.  Pictured below is my baby, Jasper.  He's the sweetest thing ever (A mom's gotta brag right?!) and I can just imagine how those folks feel who are searching for their fur babies. 

 Moore Oklahoma Tornado Lost and Found animals  is a Facebook page I've been following. It is so heart warming to see people being reunited. And the amount of people all over the world who see pictures on this page and scour the internet looking for matches is unbelievable. Bless all of you. 
 Central Oklahoma Humane Society has successfully reunited 44 fur kids with their families. Woo Hoo!!  I just HAD to donate.

Oklahoma fur parents you're in my thoughts and I hope you are all reunited with your fur babies. 

Party posts will return on Monday, May 27th

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