May 13, 2013


Happy Mother's Day cupcakes

This post was suppose to be up much earlier today. But you know how it goes, work, come home and go for a run, eat some dinner, than this little cutie needed some lap time. This is Jasper. He's a Bombay, which are also known as lap fungus.  

On to the cupcakes!  For Mother's Day we grilled some chicken and I made homemade BBQ sauce. mmm mm tasty.  For dessert I made Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes from a recipe I found on Your Cup of Cake .
I followed the recipe exactly except I saved some of the raspberry puree and added it to the frosting. Made it extra raspberry-y.  Everyone thought they were delicious. Some even went back for seconds :)

They're even good naked!  
As raspberry season approaches, I highly recommend these Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes. 
If you make them, let me know how they turned out and if you thought they were delicious too. 


  1. Cute cat and cupcakes! And the background is a great use for other people's cr@p in your house!

    1. Ha, yeah, you like that. I figured while I was still storing it I might as well use it. Hoping it, along with the other stuff finds homes soon.

  2. Oh you had me a raspberry one of my many addictions! Love these must try!


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