April 1, 2013


Circus Animals and Moving Sales

 Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes 

When ever my friends have moving or garage sales I make cupcakes to entice our friends to stop by and peruse the wares for sale.  This time I made Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes. A recipe I found from a fun little blog called The Baking Robot .  

I chose these cupcakes because I already had everything on hand, except the cookies. 
If you look closely you can see my man's army action figure making sure I make these right. Or is he looking to snitch a taste while my back is turned?

The cupcakes were suppose to have a sugar cookie taste and the frosting was suppose to be like white fudge. 

Now maybe I've just been baking too many cupcakes lately but I thought these were just so-so.  The cake was a little bland and the frosting didn't taste very fudgey.  However, a few moving sale patrons whom my friend and I didn't know said they were very good. In fact, some asked for seconds. 

I had the cupcakes siting up on the porch in case our friends came by.  A few people who came by to peruse the sale saw them and asked how much they were.  I didn't charge them and just gave them to anyone who asked. 


  1. I'm a sucker for anything with one of the circus animal cookies involved in any way.

    1. I think if I made these again I would try an improve on the cake and do a different frosting. I do enjoy experimenting with new recipes though and those animal cookies are too cute.


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