March 11, 2013


Party Break

I took a party break to visit a crafty friend of mine who moved to Florence, Montana. You may know my friend's work, she runs Bubble Off Plumb on Etsy and has a fun blog about a city girls adventures of moving to the wilds of Montana, Suddenly Surrounded by Taxidermy. It's a fun little blog and I can't wait to hear more of her adventures.

Multnomah Falls on my way out of Oregon.  This is a great hike if you ever visit Oregon.  The Multnomah Falls Lodge has a great blackberry cocktail in the summer.

On the road.  Just me and my friends china in the back there.  While I was there she busted the china out of their box's and we had Okonomiyaki on it.  It's a Japanese dish and her china was made in Japan. We thought it was fitting.

We took a short hike out their backyard which butts up against the forest. At the end of the hike we were greeted with the sounds of Sweeny Creek.

This is UNHEARD of in Portland which I live near.  Not even 45 degrees and all I'm wearing is a long sleeve tech shirt.  And I'm NOT freezing!!! Was it chilly, sure. But I could have stood out there all day with no coat and no gloves.  You've all heard of dry heat, well there's dry cold too.  And I'm proof of it.
Living the dream. My friends yard. Look at that view. After visiting my friend I am even more invigorated to pursue my man and I's dream.
Hope you enjoyed the mini vacation. Back to parties on Wednesday!!


  1. So glad you came all this way! Thanks for the delicious intro to okonomiaki and the Trader Joe's care package!

    1. It was SUCH a fun trip and thank you for all the fabulous dinners. You're living the dream and have a great place.


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