January 21, 2013


Battle of the Carrot Cake

My husband's favorite cake is carrot cake.  I needed a devil's food cake mix for some cupcakes I was making and while I was picking out my cake mix in the baking aisle he spotted this:

He wanted to give it a try which meant I would be making it for him.  Now I am not a fan of carrot cake so I can't give my seal of approval on this box mix.  My husband on the other hand said it was pretty darn good. Perhaps Duncan Hines should send me a few box's for promoting their carrot cake mix ;)  wink wink

A food blogger I am not. No fancy camera, no food styling. I did attempt to take a foodie picture of the final product.  You know I had to fizzy up the frosting and not just smooth it on with a knife.

My husband ended up having 2 pieces. I'd say he'd give this box cake mix 2 thumbs up.


  1. Carrot cake is one of my faves, too! My friend's mom makes the best, so I have to get the recipe from her or him.

    1. Yes you certainly do need to get that recipe and than share it with me ;)


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