September 26, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

I'm so excited to finally be able to share this with you.

It's been hard keeping it a secret. I've been SO excited.

My friend TheMistressT  recently moved to Montana.  Boo because I miss her, but yeah because, ROAD TRIP!
You can read all about her (mis)adventures on her blog, Suddenly Surrounded by Taxidermy . Don't you just love that name!

Moving across town is stressful enough. But moving to another state with 2 dogs, 2 U-Hauls, and towing cars can be more stressful.
                                                 Picture courtesy of TheMistressT

I hatched a plan and sent messages to all her friends I could from her Facebook page. I had to be sneaky about it. I couldn't just come out and ask her for her friends email addresses.

One of her friends, Ellen, was fab! She immediately responded to my plan and said she would contact the embroidery group for me.  Yeah! Thank you Ellen :)

Here's my plan, sent via email:
I asked everyone to send a card, postcard or goodies to the post office in Montana. So when my friend and her man went to set everything up they would be surprised by FUN mail! I knew she'd only be expecting boring bills and junk mail.

My plan worked beautifully.
They were THRILLED! All those cards made them feel so loved :)

I'm hoping this idea spreads like wild fire.

Wouldn't you love it if someone did this for you ? I can tell you it gives you a wonderful feeling knowing you brightened someones day.

Text, email, Facbook it's all good. But there's something about receiving  a card.

If you like this idea, do it for someone you know or share this idea let me know. I would LOVE to hear about it. Fizzy Party on Facebook and Twitter 

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  1. What a brilliant and thoughtful idea Fizzy Girl!

  2. It was such a touching and happy surprise! I hadn't even expected much mail at all since we were told forwarding from Portland would take 7-10 days and it have only been 6 days, so when the postal worker came to the counter with a STACK of mail that looked like the good kind we were just tickled! Three more pieces came today! One of the first things I'm going to do after all the boxes and belongings are out of vehicles and into buildings on the property is string those suckers up.

  3. I LOVE this idea!!! Such a loving friend you are! :)

  4. Thank you! I'm so glad so many of her friends loved the idea and sent a little something to her. I hope this idea spreads :)


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