September 5, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Shopping in the mall on Labor Day weekend I swung into Pottery Barn to grab a catalog.  I love flipping through those glossy pages and day dreaming about all the items I want.  I always circle everything I'm going to buy  dream about.  

Halloween is in the latest catalog and oooohh does Pottery Barn have some items on my lottery list.

These large and medium votive pumpkins look great gathered in bunches at the front door.  Naturally I would want 3 of the medium ones, $14.50 x's 3 = $43.50 and 3 large ones at $29.50 x's 3 = $88.50. So lets see that would be a total of ...only $132.00
These owl lanterns were in the catalog hanging on either side of the door way. They looked very fall and Halloweeny.  I'd want 3 to hang outside where our lanterns from Pottery Barn already hang. Three would run me $177
So my grand total would only be...$309.00 My lottery self could swing that easy.

(I do not get paid or receive free product from Pottery Barn. I just LOVE their Halloween/Fall items. Although IF Pottery Barn wanted me to brag up their products for a little something in return I would be more than happy)

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