September 17, 2012


Go in for One, Come out with Another

This past weekend I was stalking the elusive new craze, the Candy Cane  Corn Oreo.  I keep saying Candy Cane instead of Candy Corn. Hmm, is there a Candy Cane Oreo?  Yep, I just Googled and sure enough there is.  Christmas is subconsciously seeping into my brain. NOOOooooo. I will NOT skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and zip right on to Christmas. 

The Candy Corn Oreo's are only available at Target.  Or Amazon if you're willing to wait for it to be shipped to you. I drove to the 2 Target's nearest me looking for them.  One didn't even have Halloween candy out yet and the other told me they sold out by noon the day they hit the shelves.  Now I work a day job so I didn't stand a chance. Sure, I could have driven to every Target around but I didn't need them that badly.
I did however find something that sounded tastier than the Candy Corn Oreo's (I'm not an Oreo's fan, *gasp*) Milky Way Caramel Apple mini's!  You know a bag of these leaped into my cart :)
They don't taste much different than a regular Milky Way. Caramely with a hint of apple taste on the back end.  Listen to me sounding all Master Chef like.  I'm a sucker for anything Limited Edition and holiday themed.  

If you were lucky enough to snag a bag of Candy Corn Oreo's let me know what you think about them.  
The Milky Way Caramel Apple mini's should be easier to find. Let me know what you think of those too. 
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  2. YES! Aww Thank you :) Of Course I'm going to participate and pass this along. So much fun!

  3. that's so crazy you couldn't get a bag! I hate candy corn, so I haven't looked for them ;o) though... the caramel apple milky way would be up my alley!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

    1. Kim they are so tasty. They have an addictive apple after taste :)


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