June 13, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Middle of the week. Time to drool over the Woo Hoo ideas and products out there.  I came across this great baking website, Pastry Chef Central . They sell all those great products I'll need for the bakery I'm opening...in my dreams :) 

Chocolate Ruffle Curler Kit, only $57. Make all your cupcake extra special.
Yule Log Piping Tip $65, because everyone wants a yule log at Christmas time. Who knew they made a special pastry tip for this.
This just sounds delish. Dreidoppel Flavoring Paste 2lbs for $53.So many amazing flavors. Jamaica Rum, Amaretto, Mango, Kirschwasser Cherry Brandy and more. 
Chocolate Marbled Spoons, 108 pieces for $30. Add that special touch to your hot chocolate, mousse, or custard.
Hello Chocolate Velvet Spray, $30

Although a lot of the products on this site are pricey and come in larger quantities than the kitchen baker needs, there are some affordable, smaller and fun items on this site too. Glad I stumbled upon it and could share it with you. 


  1. I NEED that chocolate curler, no justification, just need it lol... and who knew they made a special yule log tip?!?! great finds!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

    1. Ha ha, I agree Kim. Every home baker needs a chocolate curler :) I loved dream shopping around this site. It was fun.

  2. You had me at chocolate spoons!

    1. Don't those look devine :) I may need to order me some of those.


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