June 22, 2012


Lady Bug Party

Do you remember my Woo Hoo!! Wednesday post about the parties I was invited to this summer?  Of course you do, that was just 2 days ago :)  Well here's the first one.  A Lady Bug birthday at work.  I was going to throw my friend Carole a lady bug luncheon and was looking forward to it.  But she's getting her house ready to sell this summer so the timing wasn't good.  There's always next year. 

Becky at work threw Carole a lady bug party over our lunch hour. I offered to help but Becky said she was ok.  It was a cute little party.  

Lunch was light, a salad bar, because that's what lady bugs eat Becky said. The adorable plates and napkins came from a new party store in town, The Party Spot . Becky and I were SO excited about this store because all the party stores in our area closed :( 
 Becky made the little lady bug tags sticking out of the salad toppings by using her hole punches. 
Pretzel lady bugs. Tasty. Becky wished they looked a little better but it was the first time she made them and we all thought they looked cute and hey, they tasted good. Isn't that all that matters :)
Becky's cupcakes turned out really cute. 
Even Carole's gift from Becky was lady bug themed. I like how she stuck the push pins on a leaf cut out and put it in a jar. That extra cute little detail. 
Becky did a good job with theThose of you that have been reading my blog know I would have gone ALL out with the details and the room would have looked like lady bugs exploded in there. I sometimes don't know when to stop with the details :)  


  1. That's so nice! Those cupcakes are great! Love the idea of using a mini oreo on them!

  2. Very creative! New blog on the History of the Ladybug-http://historyoftheladybug.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you so much for coming by. Becky is a party throwing lover like me so she's FULL of cute ideas. Thanks for the link to your blog :)


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