April 30, 2012


Engagement Anniversary

5 years ago during the month of April my husband proposed to me :)  I immediately did what every woman does as soon as she's engaged...bought bridal magazines! There was no Pinterest and I didn't follow blogs then. The ones shown below were my favs and I still enjoy flipping through them. I'm a magazine junkie :)

We looked at several locations before deciding on the perfect place. 
Ponzi Vineyards  is a beautiful setting. We imagined ourselves married among the grape vines.  When you get married at a vineyard you have to buy cases of wine. We're not big wine drinkers and the more we looked at the cost and the reception area, the more we decided this wasn't the place for us. It was too formal for us. We are not formal. 
Oak Knoll Winery is less formal, outside and the reception would be in a converted barn. Again, you have to buy cases of wine. Although this location was pretty, it just didn't speak to us.
Possibly Mt. Hood, it has such a great a view. We drove up one weekend and thought, although it's beautiful, it's a long drive and when have we ever gone to the Mt.? We're not Mt. people. 
McMenamins Edgefield is a great location too.  Lots of Portlanders like McMenamins. We really liked the location and thought, maybe this is it. Until a plane flew overhead and lots of people walked by. The McMenamins grounds are open to the public. 
We finally found the perfect location, Cannon Beach. We're beach people, not Mt. people.  The beach is relaxing and casual like we are. We weren't limited to one vendor like you would be at vineyards and McMenamins. It's just as long a drive for our guests as Mt. Hood is but people love the beach and could use the wedding as an excuse for a long weekend and enjoy it with their family. 

How many locations did you look at before deciding on THE place?
Where did you get married? 


  1. Totally love this...Ashleigh here...my now husband and I looked at several locations. We were in a bit of a different situation because we both were in the military on different posts and needed to be married by a certain date to make sure that we would be assigned at the same post together. As the first to get married on both sides of the family, our parents weren't as flexible as they were with the future siblings. We looked at both of our parents' towns, but they wouldn't work. We almost got fed up and flew to Italy to get married in one of the many churches in Vatican City, then finally decided to elope with both sets of parents to Vegas! Cheers, Ashleigh & Tiffani, The Drinking Girls

    1. Wow, Italy would have been beautiful Ashleigh. But I can't argue with Vegas! Love that sin city ;) Thank you both for serving this wonderful country of ours. I salute both of you!

  2. We looked at Hawaii as a possibility but decided is was too much trouble for everyone to get there. We also thought of just getting married there and coming back home for a large reception but felt several people would be disappointed to not be a part of the actual wedding. So we got married in our home town at a local church and had our reception at a community center that overlooked the entire city with fireplaces at both ends. It was Christmas time so it was gorgeous!

    1. oooh Hawaii would have been lovely, we thought of that too but like you, how would everyone get there. And we wanted all our friends and family to be able to come. The reception place sounds beautiful. fireplaces and over looking the city, perfect! and at Christmas, my fav time of year. Thank you so much for sharing Sandy :)


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