February 18, 2012


Sunday Soiree Challenge

I entered my first P.S. Make it Your Own Sunday Soiree Challenge. The winner was announced on Valentine's Day. I don't have access to Internet at work, I miss out on SO MUCH! Ugh! So I had to wait until I got home at 6 p.m. Good thing we had a Valentine Party at work and a BUSY day to keep my mind off it. I seriously need to get me a laptop or upgrade my I-Pod with Internet access so I don't have to wait ALL day next time. Plus I'm missing out on some connection time with you all on Fizzy Party's Facebook page.

5:00 p.m. the whistles blows. I zip home as fast as the train will take me. Hoping all the while it doesn't break down and type in http://www.psmiyo.com Who won? Who won? ... Not me. Bummer. Did you see the winning design and story?  Story, I was suppose to write a story to go along with my pictures. Oops! no wonder I didn't win. Congratulations to Melinda!! The lovely little story that went with it was so sweet how could she not be the winner :)  

Would I have liked to have won? Well OF COURSE! Who doesn't like to win? It was my first time entering this challenge and now I know where the bar is. I need to step it up for the next challenge round and train hard. I did have fun with this one and grew a few brain cells in the process. Always a good thing. Taking the items given and creating a Date Night Tablescape around it was fun.
Our items were: Toilet paper, rice, lemon, chocolate and candle.

Here's my design:

I put rice in the heart dishes to hold my peanut butter chocolate lips, made lemon drops and used toilet paper to accent the table.

I took more photo's than this but hmmm, they seem to have disappeared. I'm looking forward to the next round. This time I know to add a great back story to the photo's. Round II here I come!

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