July 30, 2011



Hawaiian party, summer party, backyard party
Little bit about me. Why the name Tikitiffany?  It came about from my signature party.  My husband and I were married in July on the beach with a Hawaiianish theme.  Every year after our wedding we host a tiki party in our backyard.  Our family and friends look forward to it every year. Which is awesome. Sign of a good party, Woo Hoo!!

This year we had to postpone it. In fact, I need to talk to my husband and get it reschedule. Tiki III WILL happen :) hee hee

July 27, 2011


Homemade invitation

Woo Hoo! Party invitation arrived in the mail today.  My crafty friend TheMistressT is having a party for her puppy who she rescued from the animal shelter.  Now I don't have a dog but I DO Love parties and she knows it.  Betty is turning 1 in August and how fun to have a party for your fur kid :) My motto, any excuse to have a party.  Getting a small group of friends together for Betty's 1st birthday is a great excuse.  Not only will TheMistressT be spending time with her friends but Betty and her friends will get some great puppy time together. A win-win for the people and the fur kids.

Birthday party invitation, Dog birthday, diy invitation
This adorable invitation was handmade by TheMistressT. Inside, Betty the birthday girl asks for no gifts but that you donate to the shelter she was rescued from instead.  What a great idea  :)  E-mail invitations are great when you're inviting a lot of people.  Quick and easy gets the word out.  But for a smaller party nothing beats a handmade invitation. Doesn't this invitation make you want to go?
Easy to make, thoughtful and lets your guests know they are special to you.

July 25, 2011


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Fizzy Party! Parties are always on my mind. I'm always seeing party opportunities. I love planning them, throwing them, planting party ideas in my friends heads, going to them, even setting up and cleaning up. Who doesn't LOVE a party :)

Why Fizzy Party as the name? As a kid growing up, every time we drove by a house with a bunch of cars out front my dad would say,"someones having a fizzy party".  My parents said the term came from a candy when they were growing up.  It would get all fizzy in their mouth.  And of course as kids do, I repeated the term whenever I saw a bunch of cars parked in front of a house, "Look a fizzy party!"