July 25, 2011


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Fizzy Party! Parties are always on my mind. I'm always seeing party opportunities. I love planning them, throwing them, planting party ideas in my friends heads, going to them, even setting up and cleaning up. Who doesn't LOVE a party :)

Why Fizzy Party as the name? As a kid growing up, every time we drove by a house with a bunch of cars out front my dad would say,"someones having a fizzy party".  My parents said the term came from a candy when they were growing up.  It would get all fizzy in their mouth.  And of course as kids do, I repeated the term whenever I saw a bunch of cars parked in front of a house, "Look a fizzy party!"


  1. Best Wishes on your new blog! It is a perfect idea for the perfect party planner! I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

  2. Thank you CW :) I'm excited about it. I hope to keep you inspired and possibly inspire you to add a little something to your scrapbooking parties to make them even more special. I need to learn some tips from you on scrapbooking by the way.


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