December 5, 2011


Christmas Crayons

This post is written by me but the idea, instructions and pictures comes from a fabulous Fizzy Party fan, Leona!  She hadn't seen this idea and was sure it had probably been done before but it was new to her. And sometimes that happens.  My art teacher even told me about this happening. He had an idea for a car. He'd never seen one like the idea he had, so he sketched it out and than guess what happened...yep, he saw one just like the one he thought up. It was new to him though.  I'm sharing her idea because I never would have thought of this idea on my own and it's great she sent pictures and instructions to show us the step by step.

Leona emailed me and told me with every one being invited to so many parties this time of year maybe you don't want to show up with just the typical bottle of wine for the hosts that so many guests bring. Nothing wrong with a bottle of wine but how about something for the kiddos too.  If the hosts have kids, bring them Christmas crayons.  They're also perfect for a school party instead of being the one who usually brings store bought cupcakes.

You'll need:

- Old/used/ broken crayons or inexpensive ones. Leona bought hers at Walmart for 47 cents. Cheap!
- Mini disposable aluminum bread pans. Leona bought hers at Target 5/$1.50
-Candy mold. These can be bought at any craft store. Leona got hers at Joann's for $2.00. She used the pretzel mold variety.
- For packaging your gift, the possibilities are endless. A small stocking, box, bag, etc.

Thanks for sharing where you purchased everything and how much it cost Leona.  This is an inexpensive project that yields fun results.

Break up like coloured crayons in one pan.

 Melt the crayons in the oven between 250 degrees and 300 degrees

Once the crayons are melted, pour them into the mold. Be sure to use a hot pad. Knowing me I'd reach right in for the pan without one. Ouch! Looks like Leona put the molds on a cookie sheet for stability.

Let set until they harden and viola!  Christmas crayons :)

Thank you Leona for your wonderful email and sharing your idea with us :)
Hope you have many parties you were invited to to share your Christmas crayons.

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