November 3, 2011


T and T's Hallowen Party Food Part II

Part II of TheMistressT and I's Halloween party food.  I had a lot of fun with the food. Making very Halloweeny treats.  It was hard not to make A LOT of food but I knew people would be bringing some too, as all good guests should {hint hint wink wink} Enjoy the rest of our ghoulish delites.  Bigger pictures again because we all looove visuals :)

The pumpkin pie bites are from Bakerella , now hers are WAY cuter than mine. But I knew mine would be in a darkened room so I didn't go for perfect. Guests really liked these. The cookies, eyeballs, are from Disney Family. Little harder to make then I thought they would be and I'm not sure if people were into them or not. It was hard to tell.

We wanted a creepy party but we didn't want anyone going into anaphylactic shock so we put up some ghoulish signs so our guests would be aware. You can see all the ghoulish details when I used the flash.  The Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll is always a hit.

The brain dip was crab. It looked so realistic it took people a bit to dig in.  The white jelly beans look like maggots :)

The Dragons Claws were provided by a guest and are vegan. It was cool when the guests brought ghoulish looking food.

My famous homemade peanut butter chocolates. My friends and their husband's LOVE the holiday's because they know I make extra for them.

This cake was by far the creepiest food item we had.  I'm so glad guests really enjoyed this. The idea came from HorrorCraft who posted this onCraftster.com

Mwahahahaha, did you enjoy part II of our ghoulish delites?

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