November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!! everyone. I hope you are all spending it with family and friends and enjoying the wonderful tastes of home made food. 

Thanksgiving for me begins early. Not to cook, but to run 4 miles in the Turkey Trot. I usually do this with my step-daughter but her knees have been hurting so I'll be running with friends this year. Than it's off to my aunts where 10-15 of us gather for good food, laughter and great desserts.  My aunt is a dream, she does the bulk of the cooking. Big shout out to Aunt Sharon, Thank you! for cooking all that great food.

I bring one of the desserts.  Sometimes I make cupcakes but I always bring my homemade peanut butter chocolates. Oh yeah, I could make the turkey's look all fancy with different coloured chocolates. This of course would make them POP and look more gourmet. But all those different colours takes a long time to do and 2 seconds for my cousin to consume. So I just do all chocolate.  Maybe for Christmas I'll get all fancy with the different colours.

I got inspired this year by The Party Animals M & M turkey's. So cute. I had to make my own. These are The Party Animal's.

And here's mine, filled with my PB chocolates.  Couldn't find the mesh The Party Animal used so I improvised.  My cat got a hold of one of the heads I made and is having a blast with it!

Wishing you all a wonderfully thankful Thanksgiving

Fizzy Party !

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